Thursday, December 23, 2010

J. Paris Designs At Your Service

Ladies and Gentle Fellows!!!  I give you my BRAND...NEW...STUDIO!!! 

After a few painstaking days of cleaning and painting and building and organizing, I now have the perfect space for creating all my creations! 
The colored bins in the corner house all my supplies and fabrics.

This table in the center is the perfect size and height for maneuvering around while working on reupholstering a chair. Plus, the curtain around it hides all the crap I stuffed under it!!

From this angle, you can see my blackboard wall intended to jot down any crazy inspirations as they come to me (or just random doodles!).

My AWESOME work desk that runs the whole length of one wall is wear I stash my sewing machine and Dremel scroll saw (bought for me by my dad for $20 at a garage sale!!).

Shelves above the desk hold all my knick knacks (just recently found the giant wooden spool on the top shelf along w/ a few other smaller ones at an antique store in New York - also found the cool green cubby there too!).

Bulletin boards, dry erase boards, and clip boards....all meant to hold inspriations, project measurements, product receipts, and thank you cards from satisfied customers :)

Studio lighting that was added by my wonderful fiancee and his electrically inclined friend.  As soon as these bad boys went up, it REALLY felt like a studio space! Spotlight on the prettiness :) :)

An homage to my namesake.  I painted this several years ago and never had a good home for it.  I think it fits quite perfectly here at the entrance to J. Paris Designs!

All in all, this room has become an incredible realization that yes, Jessica, you CAN do this some day, and you have a great support system working behind you....who knew?? ;)

While still a work in progress (and currently serving as "Wedding Ideas Central"), this amazing, colorful, cluttered, and exciting space screams ME at a very high decibel!!

Thanks for watching !! and stay tuned !!