Thursday, July 1, 2010

Pile O' Rubble

Driving to Dan's house last night, I caught my eye on a chair sitting by the side of the road (it was garbage night!).  I scooped it up, brought it to his house (where I'm pretty sure I saw a subtle eyeroll) and got to work. 
It was pretty beat up.  And rickety!

Then I noticed that it folded up!


Because it was so wobbly and not sittable, I started to take it apart piece by piece.

This is where I ended up :)

I began to piece it back together, but ran out of daylight.  More pictures to come, but production is at a halt until after vacation!!

Dumpster Dive-In

I wrote a couple weeks ago about 2 chairs I found by the dumpster at my apartment complex.  They sat on my front porch for almost a month before I finally found inspiration to do anything with them.


I had to sand the metal to remove the rust from it.  I spray painted them a metallic bronze-y brown color.  I sanded the woodpiece on the back and stained and varnished it.  The seat was recovered in a matching paisley pattern.

I'm in love with how they turned out!  I'm selling them at a consignment shop so hopefully someone will want to take them home :)

Bathing Beauty

About a year and a half ago, I decided to redo my bathroom (at my parent's house at the time).  We had painted it when I was maybe in junior high or early high school, but it was time for a "grown-up" change.

Forgive the sideways shot...
This is the old room, looking in from the door.  The big square on the wall used to be a window and was shottily "patched" up.  The rest of the walls were in terrible condition - the product of tearing down drywall and not patching the walls up before painting (we were impatient back then)...

This is standing in the bathtub looking back at the door.

Again, sideways, but these are the cabinets behind the door across from the sink.

As you can see, the flower power wasn't really doin' it anymore...

This is the new shot from the doorway.  I made the "bath room" pics with scrapbook paper and the corner shelf wasn't being used so I gave it a home with some accessories to go on it.
The tub never gets used, so the curtain is just for looks.
I hung a chair rail on the wall and used joint compund to create a stucco texture on the bottom half to hide the imperfections of the wall.  I painted the bottom white and did a faux finish glaze on the top half to hide imperfections up there. 

I added a glass shelf above the sink and the picture is from an old 1952 Seventeen magazine (Maybelline advertisement!)

These are the cabinets behind the door. The mirror on the door is so I can see the back of my hair!
I found these old-school hot and cold handles in my dad's garage (he used to be a plumber).  I thought they would look cool as handles on the cabinets!

So here we are, 1.5 years later.  I no longer use this bathroom on a daily basis....but it's still one of my favorites :)