To-Do List

My mind reels a hundred miles a minute when it comes to crafty creativity and home improvement projects.  Just when I think I'm on a roll with one thing, another idea comes floating along and throws me completely off course!  Try as I might, I"m constantly jumping from one thing to the next, already planning the next project before the current one is complete.  What can I say?? I've got a LOT of ideas flowing through me!

I've decided to dedicate a space to be held accountable for my ever-growing and ever-changing To-Do List.  Keep checking back to see what progress I've made and just what kind of shenanigans I'll get myself (and my husband) into next!

In no particular order:

            -paint and install trim moulding around countertop
            -finish grouting the backsplash
            -paint cabinets a fresh coat of white
            -prime and paint existing door hinges
            -consider painting entire room a new color (I know, I know, I'm crazy) Changed my mind
            -seal the countertops and backsplash
            -purchase a stove hood

           -fill in the nail holes on the baseboard and new crown moulding
           -give crown moulding a second coat of paint
           -touch up paint on door trim and around hinges (that I never finished back in....April 2011)

-Paint/affix paper to staircase risers leading upstairs.  That all wood staircase just seems dark and cave-like to me every time I look at it.

-Dresser found by the side of the road
          -finish staining the drawers
          -apply 2 coats of polyurethane
          -clean up inside of drawers with new drawer liners
          -attach new crystal knobs
          -find it a home!

-Fix the legs on the wobbly coffee table that broke 3 months ago.  Shameful!

-Fix up the nightstand for Dan's side of the bed that I bought over the summer for $10 at an estate sale.

-Clean up my atrocious looking studio!  That room has been untouched since before our wedding - in OCTOBER!

-Finish Mima Schreiner's chairs she gave me over a year ago to "work my magic" on.

-Build custom bookshelves for the office to house our intense amount of books (that now reside in piles in the basement).

-Tackle the assortment of chairs that have taken up residence in the basement. Unfortunately, I threw most of them out...must be choosy when working with limited space.

-Work on the outdoor lighting idea I have for the back patio this summer.

-Make up plans for our spring/early summer project - redoing the back porch. Cancelled due to the fact we would rather go to Ireland for vacation than build on a porch...underestimated how much it would cost.

-Fix/install new front porch light

-Fix up console table I got for FREE from a client 
         -I actually have a plan for this and am pretty excited about it!!