Sunday, July 24, 2011

Whata Wata Fountain

Update:  If you've found this post via Pinterest or another site featuring DIY fountains, make sure to check out my new blog w/ a BRAND NEW fountain How-To!  It's a bit more advanced, but turned out really cool :)    -Jessica

I've had this idea in my head for weeks now that I have to have a pond in my backyard.  No, not a lets-get-a-bulldozer-and-dig-us-a-pond pond, but one of those little, trickling, miniponds you can buy kits for at Home Depot. Dan fixed up the flowerbeds and the yard so nice, I just felt like it would be the cherry on the top of a really nice backyard.  Not everyone agreed with that idea ("too much work" he says) and I was let down from my pond high quite quickly.  So the gears started turning and I came up with an alternative pond plan (an APP for short). 

I work next to an Ollie's Bargain Outlet (who's motto is, coincidentally, Good Stuff Cheap) and I often find myself perusing the aisles.  Well, I came across their pottery buyout section that was filled with those giant planting pots people put in their yards.  They were 20% off Ollie's discounted price....can't beat it!  So I bought three of the same color in graduated sizes.  My mom had picked up a minipond pump for me at a garage sale, so I was already well on my way with my APP.

I stuck a leftover wine cork in the drainage hole of the biggest pot and put Liquid Nails around the edge for a seal. 

I got a little ahead of myself and forgot to take pictures during the process of stacking the pots on top of one another.  But essentially, I turned two terra cotta pots upside down inside the two biggest pots to make bases.  The water tube, along with a threaded rod for support, were thread up through the holes.

It wasn't until this whole mess was together that I realized, without sealing all of the drainage holes, all of the water would just keep seeping to the bottom pot.  So off to Home Depot Dan went to buy me some Great really...that's its name.

I disassembled the whole thing and squirted this stuff into each drainage hole as I stacked them back up.


I added some river rocks to the bottom of each pot just to fill in some space.
But here is the finished APP....a pretty trickling fountain!

The water is a little murky because the rocks were dirty, and it's not like it's a babbling brook or anything.  But the water comes from the bottom and pours over the I'm happy :)


  1. I love this fountain idea!

  2. very pretty, but where is the pump?

    1. Sorry for such a late reply! The pump is really small and sitting on the bottom of the largest pot. There is a small plastic hose that is attached and run up through the middle that circulates the water.

  3. Dear Jessica,

    I love this Idea and it is just what was wanting to create in my small garden in the front of my home. I was wondering did you have to seal the terra pots to the inside of the blue pots and what size pump did you use? Also did you cut the rod that you attached the rubber hose to?

    1. Hi Stacey! Thanks for the comment. I did not seal the terra cotta pots - the only "sealer" I used was the Great Stuff in the holes. The terra cotta ones are simply to hold the blue ones up higher. The pump was really small (I bought it at a garage sale) and looking back I would buy one that had a larger GPH rate. Home Depot sells several different sizes that have all of the specs on the box. I did cut the threaded rod so that it was the correct height. I used my Dremel tool w/ the metal bit attached. You could also use a hacksaw to cut it. I hope this helps and feel free to ask any more questions! :)

  4. Hi Jess, I love the fountain! I'm wondering what you did the the cod of the pump? How does it come out of the pump?

    1. Hi there - thanks for the comment! The pump sits at the bottom of the big pot and the cord just runs over the side of the pot (in the back) and is connected to an extension cord. Since it's in the garden, the plants grow up around it and hide the cord for the most part. Hope that helps! -Jess


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