Monday, April 16, 2012

Mirror, Mirror

The Stanley Cup Playoffs are currently going on right now.  What does that mean for our house?  It means that, although hockey has been on since October, it is now playing 30 games a night in our living room.  I can't complain too much (but I do anyway!) because there really isn't anything on television these days.  So while Dan watches the games, what do I do?  I craft in the living room.

My latest project was just something to keep me busy without any preplanning.  I actually came up with it on a whim.

I had this mirror stashed in the closet for awhile, not really having a spot for it.  It was $3 at a garage sale a couple summers ago.
I also had a huge 500 piece box of popsicle sticks left over from my snowflake project this past winter.  What exactly do you do with 500 popsicle sticks??


I played around with a few ideas.  At one point I just got carried away and started covering the carpet.
What can I say?...Hockey can bore me.

But I settled on the second layout, kind of like a hardwood floor.  I debated painting the sticks, but I liked the natural look with both the light and dark colored wood.

Nothin' fancy, nothin' special, just something to kill time and keep me busy.  Thinkin' about hanging it in the stairwell that I just updated in the previous post.

Keep checking back for more small craft goes until June!!

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  1. Stanley Cup Playoffs are awesome! Just think of it as guaranteed craft-time every evening haha :)



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