What I'm All About

I'm a do-it-yourselfer who is constantly searching for my next project.
I always have something up my sleeve, from home improvement projects to craft projects.
I'm an Interior Designer by profession, but dabble in just about anything creative.
Most of what I know was never taught to me in school.
I get inspiration from anywhere and everywhere, but mostly from my own head.
I love giving old things a new lease on life by fixing them up with some TLC and elbow grease.
I don't have one set style - I'm a self-proclaimed Eclectic through and through.
I have a huge infatuation with old furniture, particularly chairs and dressers.
I'm not above stopping by the side of the road on trash night to pick up some treasures.
I have an extensive tool collection.
I need a bigger house to hold all of my stuff.
I collect everything - I'm not kidding.  Teacups are the biggest, expanding past the 50 range.  But new "collections" sprout up all the time.
I usually have at least a million projects all going at once.
I'm messy, unorganized, sporadic in decision-making, and can plan an entire room in one evening.
I love color.  No beiges or browns for this girl.
I don't follow the rules.  Design is about how it makes you feel, not about what the big shots say is the "correct" way to decorate a room.
My house doesn't look like a magazine cover...and I like it that way.
I'm a firm believer that every piece of anything in your house should be important in some way.  Whether it has a background story, a history, or you just absolutely love it.  There is no reason to have something that just takes up space.
I can't read/watch/peruse or even entertain the idea of a crafty project right before bed.  I will be up forEVER plotting how and when I will take that thing down!