Wednesday, January 13, 2010

The Jetson's End Table

My mom and I went antique shopping one Saturday and ended up at a 4 floor antique mall in East Liverpool, OH.  I got a few little things (cream and sugar bowls, a pretty plate, a teacup of course, etc.) but it wasn't until the very end of our browsing that I found this AWESOME table!  Banished to the basement w/ outdated chairs and gaudy bedroom sets, the second I set eyes on this retro beauty, I was in love.  The $7 pricetag didn't hurt either! Yea, that's right....$7!!! Heck, I woulda paid $25 for it!  It reminded me of something from the future, like the Jetsons!

My mom (whom I get my creative gene from) couldn't deny that the table "looked like me" and helped me carry it to the car - I actually borrowed a bigger car that day because I didn't want to be limited to what could fit in the VW Bug!

Not sure what to do w/ this retro beauty, I set it aside for awhile

One day, while browsing through Dollar Tree (one of my FAVORITE stores), I came across these cute mini retro tv's. Not sure what purpose they served, I bought them anyways (hey, they were a dollar!).  Then I had an inspiration!  The teacup I bought that day had an awesome retro motif on it.  So, I decided to duplicate it on the table in the same colors as the mini tv's.

The overall finished product is wild and crazy and a little out there for most people.  But for me, just fits. Especially w/ those cute little tv's on top!

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