Saturday, February 20, 2010

Finally Made It!

So moving day finally arrived.  I couldn't have picked a worse weekend.  We moved early Saturday morning after the biggest snowstorm of the season.  We measured about 12 inches of snow!  We actually had to dig all the cars out of the driveway before we could even start loading things up.  The drive from my parent's to my apartment took over an hour and a half (normally should have been about 40 minutes) because the roads hadn't been cleared yet from the night before.  But nothing got broken or misplaced and we made it all in one trip.  I've been in the apartment for 2 weeks now, and I gotta admit, you wouldn't know it from looking at the place.  All the boxes are unpacked and all the pictures are on the wall.

Living room set-up w/ kitchen in the background.

Dining room/nook.  I installed the shelf under the window sill because I needed somewhere to put my abundant collection of Coke tins :)  But this is the red and white chrome and porcelain table I had mentioned in a previous post - plus the chrome Coke chair I reupholstered.

Kitchen wall w/ Coke stuff

Quick view of the bathroom (its really small and the vanity/sink is outside).  Love the little metal statue on the back of the toilet :)  My mom got me the old Seventeen magazine from a garage sale a looong time ago.  My bathroom is really girly, so it fit well!

This is a wall in the bedroom above my dresser.  Just kind of a collage of artwork/photos that go w/ the theme and style of my room.

My jampacked Ikea bookshelf in the living room.  I thought Dan was going to have a cow when I put the shelves at uneven intervals (he's the left side to my right side thinking ) but he admitted that it looked good once I filled it w/ my "junk".

More pictures to come of each room as I finish up.

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