Friday, February 19, 2010

Susan Buys a Dartboard

I can't lie, I picked this up off the side of the road.  Driving home from work, I drove past and saw it sitting at the end of the driveway.  I turned around, went back, and picked it up.  I mainly like it because it was red and white, the colors of my future kitchen.  My mom always had a lazy susan in our kitchen that my Grandpa had made for her.  It held the napkin holder and salt and pepper shakers, among other odds and ends.  So that's what this became.  Working at a frame shop made finding a piece of round glass pretty easy.  I cut the glass to size, used silicone bumpers so it wouldn't slip, and placed it on the top.

I bought a lazy susan device from Home Depot for $5 and screwed it into the bottom.

Here's the finished product sitting in my new kitchen.  It holds a Coke coffee mug that's chipped and unusable (now serves as a junk cup), my paper towel roll, and the cutest little shopping cart I got at a garage sale for 25 cents - it holds fruits and veggies :)

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