Monday, August 22, 2011

What a Card(box)

Just a small, quick post about a small, quick project I recently finished....

So you show up to a party (a high school graduation party to be exact) and you are expected to bring a card with cash, of course.  You go through the line of tables that Mom painstakingly covered with pictures of little Suzie or Mikey in the bathtub, or with spaghetti on his face, or sitting on Santa's lap, etc, etc.  You get to the end and there it is....a plain boring box wrapped in gift wrap with a slit in the top.  You drop your card in it and that's it.  Boring.

Now it may seem like an odd thing to consider "decking out", and most people probably don't even pay attention.  But hear me out...

Many many years ago when I was just a girl (haha) I had a graduation party myself.  My mom got all creative and made a GIANT graduation cap for a cardbox.  It was pretty awesome.  Shortly after that, party stores started renting out boxes that were similar, but nowhere NEAR as big.

Flash forward a couple years and my younger cousin was graduating.  He played an acoustic guitar as a hobby and I was enlisted to make a cardbox in the shape of a guitar.  Now looking back, I should have snapped a photo (because it was pretty badass) but you live and you learn.

Then my best friend got married.  She had me make a box in the shape of a wedding cake complete with her wedding colors.

Then a friend of a friend was getting married and the wedding was a beach theme.  So I made a giant sandcastle cardbox (again no pictures).

Then my little sister graduated high school.  Her party was a beach-ish theme too so I made a giant flip flop (I actually got a pic of this one!)

All I can say is...rave reviews! Plus, it's still hanging on her bedroom wall.

Two of her friends that year wanted one too.  So I made a giant Nintendo controller and a basketball going into a hoop.

Just a month or so ago, a family friend asked me to make one for her son's graduation.  He was big into discus throwing for the track team and had won some state metals.  So she sent me some pics and I got to work.

I found the perfect ribbon at the craft store that looked exactly like the metal's actual ribbon.  I freehanded the writing and the little drawing at the bottom and TaDa!

Along with the help of this guy (courtesy of Dan for my birthday!)

I built an Ohio-shaped box and wrapped it in gold wrapping paper.

There's a hole cut in the top and a flap in the back so you can get the cards out.

Now, I know this may seem like a silly idea, but I think it's cool to find something personal and play off of it.  It is something they can keep forever and is just really fun.  I equate it to the big fancy personalized cakes they make on TV that everyone loves, but you hate to eat because they are so cool and pretty.  These are like that, only inedible!

Just wait till you see what I have come up with for my wedding :)


  1. Very Cool!

    That's one fancy tape dispenser--

  2. Can't wait to see what your card box is going to be!! Love the flip flop.


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