Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Before & After Living Room UPDATE

Oh boy, do I have a treat for you!  After the post earlier today about the living room, I started digging through old photo files and came across some doosies!

Here are some shots of the living room the first time around - brown walls and kinda boring.  I'm not super proud of this room because there's nothing in it that says "ME" (keep in mind I wasn't living here yet, so it makes sense that there is no me).

Just looking at these blank walls brings a tear to my eye - well, not really, but it was still a work in progress at this point.

So, let's recap the changes, shall we?

Fireplace went from this:
To this:

To, finally, this:

And the window treatments went from this:
To this:

Wanna know a secret?  I actually used the brown suede curtains from the first living room as lining for the new curtains.  The light blue sheers remained, and I just recovered the custom cornice boards.

Ok, I think that's it....for now :)

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