Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Winter Wonderland

Well, it isn't really a wonderland outside this winter.

But for us snow-loving creatures, we had to get our white stuff somewhere.  So I incorporated it into our living room so I could see "snow" every day.

Keeping up with my mantel decor, I kept right on with it after taking down the Christmas stuff the first week of January.  I wasn't quite ready to give up on Old Man Winter yet, so I left all of my snowmen and winter themed decorations out of boxes. 

Lovin' those giant snowflakes on the wall??  They're popsicle sticks!  Thank you, Pinterest :)

Lot's of different things going on here.  A hodge podge of anything white or clear that I could find lying around.  The clear glass tree vases, the silver crackled bulbs from Restoration Hardware, the empty liquor decanters, and the upside down wine glasses all help add a little sparkle to an otherwise dreary winter.

In addition to the LED snowflake lights hanging under the mantel, I put two of my white Ikea nightlights up there as well.  My collection of doilies lined the mantel, playing their part as the fake "snow".

Aren't they cute?? They're jingle bells that I painted a few years back - thought they fit right in placed among the snow.

This is one element I wanted to point out because of how original it is.  I found it during our last trip to New York about a month ago.  There's this great salvage store that specializes in old fixtures from homes.  They had about a zillion of these for sale with all different designs on them.  You might be asking yourself "but what is it??"  Fear not...I didn't know at first either.  But they I did some research.....
It used to look like this.  Hanging over a bathroom mirror.  Very pretty.  We actually bought one similar that hangs straight down to install as our new front porch light.

Note to self: add "fix front porch light" to the list of things to do.

Well, that's it.  Just a little reminder to all of you that it is (according to Punxsutawny Phil) actually winter time for at least another 6 weeks.  Maybe Old Man Winter will come around here soon and dump a wonderful pile of fluff!!

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  1. I was hoping you would blog about your mantle - I loved it!!!! i think I need to have Dan build me a fireplace!


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