Wednesday, April 25, 2012


We're gettin' bright and cheery and Hawaiian up in here.  Today's project is brought to you by sheer boredom and time spent browsing the aisles of Big Lots.  It's amazing where inspiration can strike!

-Two 48 count boxes of drink umbrellas
-One medium round styrofoam wreath

All I did was open up all the umbrellas and started sticking them into the styrofoam, arranging them as I went.

The sticks protruded through the back and I debated cutting them first, but was afraid they wouldn't poke through the styrofoam as well.
I kept adding more and more umbrellas, making sure the sides of the wreath were covered too, so you couldn't see the foam.
Some stayed open more than others, and that was okay, because it made for more dimension and helped them fit together easier.

Once completely covered, I had the issue of the protruding sticks.  If I left them that long, it wouldn't rest against the door very well.

So I took a pair of scissors and snipped off as close to the foam as I could get....just enough to cut off the sharp point.

And that's it!  A bright and colorful wreath for our back door.  Makes me want to hit the beach....or maybe a pitcher of margaritas!!

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