Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Freshen up w/ a Coke

I got this one for $5 on a garage saleing excursion this past summer.  I have this really cool ceramic topped table (similar to the one in the link - red and white w/ the chrome legs and pull out sides) also from a garage sale ($15 - an absolute steal!).  It didn't come w/ chairs though and I've been forever looking for the cool retro diner chairs to go with it.  I figured, until then I'll just use a bunch of random ones.

In comes this chair in all its "chrome-y" goodness.

*Sidenote: I collect Coca-Cola stuff.  I don't know why I started and I don't know why I continue, but I do.  So I want a Coca-Cola kitchen.

I bought a set of Coke sheets at a thrift store a long time ago in anticipation of curtains in my Coke kitchen - it doesn't sound like me at all, but I assure you I can make it work.  So I recovered the existing cushion w/ a section of the sheets and there you have it...DONE!
Easy Peasy!

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