Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Tile Crazy

Unfortunately, I don't have a before picture of this guy.  I got it at a sale at a storage unit for $8 and was overly enthusiastic when I got it home - so I forgot to take a picture before I started!

It was just one of those old fake wood grain cabinets you would have seen in a basement in the 70's or something (not that I was around - but my mom told me).

I painted it w/ this really cool, slightly glittery, black spray paint inside and out.  I replaced the old handles w/ new modern silver ones.  I have always wanted to try my hand at tiling, so I thought this was a good starting point - not something I could screw up too bad or cause me to go insane!

I'm guessing it's fairly obvious by now that I LOVE black and white :)  So black and white tiles it is!  The grouting was an absolute pain, but I suffered through it.

It sits next to my bed currently and serves as a nightstand/bookcase.  But I'm thinking it will serve well as a TV stand in my new apartment - the cable box and dvd player could be stored underneath and hidden by the doors!

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