Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Garbage Legs

So what's the story behind these scraps of wood lying in the driveway?  Funny you should ask...

My friend Keila just bought a house.  The house next door was foreclosed on and, therefore, empty.  She took me over there one day just to look at it because it's really unique (much like her's).  Anyways, outside by the garage there was a garbage can full of junk.  And in that can there were these beautiful scrolled table legs attached to a dilapidated table top.

 I just loved the design on them!

Keila said "yea, I already checked them out, they're junk."  I said "nothing is junk" and I grabbed them out of the garbage, ripped them off of the rotted tabletop, and stuffed them in the backseat of my car.

I got them home and paired them up w/ a piece of plywood I bought at a salvage store for 50 cents.

After a little ingenious carpentry and finagling, I rigged up this table.  I bought decorative moulding from Pat Catan's and attached it to the front to hide the rough edges of the plywood.  I had to add dowel rods for support between the legs (it's still not the most sturdy table ever).  I stained it in dark walnut - my favorite stain :) - and voila!!

Turned out decent for a garbage can and a piece of plywood!
 I see it being used as an entryway table or at the top of a staircase w/ a pretty lamp on it...

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