Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Love is on the Wall

I've been trying to come up w/ an idea for something to hang over my new Ikea sofa in my new apartment.  I wanted something unique that I created.  My main focus was one big picture rather than a bunch of smaller ones.  I remembered watching the Sex and the City movie and seeing this awesome LOVE picture hanging in Carrie's new "grown up" apartment.  I googled it and found it cost about $700. Waaaay outta my price range.  But I was really only looking for a picture to go by.

I loved it and decided to recreate it as close as possible.  So off to Pat Catan's craft store I went.  I bought a bunch of things to try and ended up w/....

It's not entirely the same...the original has a little more razmatazz than mine does.  But I cut those white filigrees out all by hand and I got sick of it after awhile!  The concept is still the same.  I bought a dollar roll of blue wrapping paper for the background and the letters and striped edges are scrapbook paper handcut.

I'm not sure if it's still going above the sofa or not (I might go w/ a different color scheme).  Although, I rarely match things like a normal person, so who knows!

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  1. awesome, but i think you mean sex and the city movie :)


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