Monday, January 18, 2010

That's RiDUCKulous!

A looong time ago I got on this kick w/ duck tape.  I realized Wal-Mart sold it in a million different colors for $3 a roll and I was hooked (or stuck! haha).  So I started experimenting and came up w/ a checkered purse design.  It was made entirely out of duck tape inside and out - some people like to cover an existing purse or fabric w/ duck tape.

I made one and carried it to work.  The girls at Shoe Carnival went crazy and everyone wanted one.  After awhile, people would stop me in the store and comment on my purse and ask me where I got it.  I did a few local craft fairs and did ok, but overall it wasn't a super lucrative business.  I even entered one in the craft show at the county fair last summer - I won first place! My interest eventually faded, but I still have a few rolls of the colorful tape tucked away just in case.

This was a flyer I made on Photoshop to hand out at craft fairs :)

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