Friday, February 19, 2010

Picture Press-ure

Working at a frame shop for the past 6 years has taught me a few things....frames are expensive!  So I'm always looking for new ways to frame pictures.  So here comes this idea I had seen in a book.  Tennis racket press frames!  It's amazing how easy it is to find them at garage sales for cheap.  Again, I used scrap matboard and glued it to the back of each press.  I attached a sawtooth hanger to each and hung them on the wall going up the stairs to my bedroom.  Some have holes cut in them for pictures and some have sayings on them made from old scrabble tiles.  This one says "Keep Calm and Carry On".  Another says "Live Your Life" and the third says "Dream Big"....I was feelings inspirational!  I have six total so to find something to do w/ the leftover tennis rackets!

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