Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Just a Bench For 2

I found 2 of these retro side tables at a church garage sale almost 2 years ago for a buck a piece.  I surprisingly managed to fit them both in the bug!

Ugly right??

Well I saw an idea for something like them in a magazine and took it a few steps further.

Put end to end they make a great bench!  The cushion still needs covered (haven't found the right fabric) but after 2 years of prep work, it's mostly finished.

I bought random plates at garage sales and then dropped them on the sidewalk!

I pieced them together, then glued and grouted them to the table tops in a mosaic attempt. 

I cut scrapbook pieces and puzzled them together all along the edges using Mod Podge. (took FOREVER!).  The raw wood edges still need decorative moulding to finish them off but I can't find any I like.  I painted the legs white and stuck them together!

It sits under my huge window in my apartment.

Still a work in progress, kinda ugly in a cool way, but totally me!

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