Friday, June 4, 2010

Chair-ity Work

Boy, do I have my hands full! This is just half of the 8 chairs I have sitting around, waiting for some lovin'.  The other 4 are captains chairs I found at a garage sale for 5 bucks a piece.  I wheeled them home in a little wagon :) 

This one I found on the side of the road (my favorite kind of find!).  I drove past at first, and then made a U-ey and went back.  If the people in the house were watching me, they probably wondered how the heck I was gonna get that in my bug!

Ugly, I know...have faith!

These next set of cuties I rescued from the dumpster in my apartment complex.  I was leaving for a meeting and saw them sitting there.  I didn't have time to stop, so I told myself if they were there when I got back, then it was meant to be.  And, well.....

The metal is a little rusty/pitted in spots, but I think I can clear that up.  The seats will obviously get recovered and the wooden backpiece, well I'm not quite sure what's going to happen with that.  But what drew me to these beauties that someone else had abandoned was the metalwork running up the back.  Pretty cool, huh?

This last one I actually purchased for $18, but I justify it by saying that the others were all free :)  I picked it up at a secondhand store called Abbey Ann's.  This place was something to behold.  It was so packed full that I  had to turn sideways and step over things most of the time (felt like I was on an episode of Hoarders!).  I had another chair in my hands when I saw this one buried and unearthed it.

I liked the extra-wide size of it and the fact that it had arms.  I plan to reupholster the seat and probably add some extra padding since it's kind of flat.  I was going to repaint it, but I actually have fabric I like that will match perfectly and it's already in good condition.  One day I'll have a workroom where I can put all of my tools and sewing machine, etc.  I see this as the workchair maybe with casters on the legs so it can move around easily.

So these are my current works-in-progress (only half of them!)....think I'm overdoing it a little?? haha

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