Friday, June 4, 2010


I recently got the opportunity to meet a wondeful and talented woman who, along with her husband, is opening a store in Akron for local artists and artisans.  She has her own design business and her husband has his own framing business (I think they might be my biological parents! haha) and they will be running both of those out of this building.  More of that later when it's more clear what will pan out.

I met with her this week and she took me to a fabric warehouse for a company located in this area.  When I say warehouse, I mean a fully stocked warehouse-sized building FULL of fabric.  We shopped the heck outta the clearance center where, wait for it....the fabric was $3 a yard!!! I bought 10 :)

Here it is all piled up in the corner ready for action!


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