Monday, August 2, 2010

Dress Up That Dresser

My previous post mentioned the great find I got on the corner.  But you're asking yourself "She mentioned 2 great finds - what's the other one??"  Well, need not to worry....

Isn't she gorgeous??? 
Somewhat reminiscent of my own dresser I posted about in the very beginning of my blog.
I bet back in her heyday, this pretty little thing was quite the looker.  I love the waved front just like the other one.  The top is in almost as bad of shape too.  The drawers all slide in and out perfectly though.  The only missing piece is a handle on the bottom drawer.  No big deal - easily fixable.  I began stripping the top 2 drawers and it worked fantastically (stain is ALWAYS easier to remove than paint!). 

Stayed tuned for her unveiling - and if you know of a good home for her, please let me know :)

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