Monday, August 2, 2010

Green Team

Let me just set you up with the premise of this story....

I was on my way to Dan's after work this past Saturday....almost there....turned the corner on to his street...and BAM!  There it was.  A neighbor was moving out and had the nerve to leave 2 beautiful pieces of furniture by the side of the road.  I almost hit a tree craning my neck to see what goodies had been left behind.  I pulled into his driveway and was yelling for him as I ran to the backdoor.  He was sitting on the porch and practically threw his neck out rolling his eyes at my "I found furniture on the corner!" exclamation. (just kidding - he really is very tolerable of my sickness).  I was all aflutter talking really fast about walking back to the house before someone else could take my treasures.  Luckily we had a friend's pickup truck for the weekend and Dan hopped in and followed me to the corner where I picked up this.....

I couldn't believe it either! Totally Awesome!  And I already have the perfect spot for it! Dan's kingsize bed is so high that there aren't any nightstands tall enough for it.  I've been looking for something for forever and here it is! Perfect size and height for next to his bed!!

I got to work right away, mainly because I was super excited!
I went to Home Depot and got a gallon can of furniture stripper...

Eww and ewwww

It stripped most of the green and barely any of the yellow underneath (I think it was just a different kind of paint). 

I'm pretty confident that once I get my hands on my powersander, the rest of the paint will be history.  I'm not sure it will be suitable for staining, but I don't mind painting a piece every now and then.

Check back for the finished product!!

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