Friday, August 20, 2010

Nighty Nightstand

I blogged about this a few posts back.  Perfect as a night stand, just needed some love....


I had stripped it and it just wasn't coming clean.  So painting it was my only option.  I had intended to go with a green color similar to the one it started out as.  But I realized there was plenty of brown paint leftover from the accent wall in the bedroom it would be going in.  BINGO! It meant I didn't have to buy more paint and it was sure to match in the room.  The plain paint didn't seem to do it by itself.  So I added some stain overtop (dabbed it on with a rag) and it turned out looking a lot like leather.

And to top it off.........

I found it a brother!!!

While visiting in New York last week, it was sitting out by the road and I scooped it up.  It didn't have drawers, but I plan to just put shelves in the slots instead.  It's weird how, 2 states away, I found an almost perfect match for it!  Super excited to get started on this one!!

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