Sunday, August 22, 2010

Pretty In Pink

If you've been following along this whole time, you might remember a post a couple months back about my "chair-ity" work I bombarded myself with.  Well, most of the 8 chairs I had stockpiled have been finished.  Except for one....

You probably laughed at me when I said not to worry, it would look pretty someday, I promise.

Well, it went from this... this... THIS!!

See, I told you it would look pretty!!

So, how'd I do it??
After having ripped the entire thing apart, I let it sit in the basement for 3 months while I let ideas marinate in my head (read: I had no idea what to do).
I left myself with a barebones chair and no clue where to even begin.
Finally, I started to clear out old projects that were taking up space, and I had an epiphany about this one.  After painting it raspberry pink :) I built 3 individual padded panels for the back of the chair where the holes were.  I nailed them into place and added trim all around the edges.  I covered the springs with backing material and bought a new cushion that I cut to size.  Then i wrapped the material over the cushion and stapled along the edge and then added more trim to hide all the staples. 
Of course, pink isn't for everyone, but black just seemed too obvious a choice for this fabric that I really loved.  So pink it is!  I envision it in a little girl's room or as a cozy corner chair in a cute little eclectic apartment (like mine!).

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  1. I love this one! It's so pretty, and it looks really comfortable!


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