Sunday, August 22, 2010

Velvety Goodness...or not

One day Dan (my wonderful boyfriend) called me and said "A man at work is clearing out his father's house and has some furniture he wants to get rid of.  Any chance you want any of it?"  My reply?? "Um, YEA! I'll take it all!!" 

Most of the pieces were extremely large and heavy and bulky and would take a century to fix up, but these chairs were among the pile of loot.
Not quite sure why there was only 2, but I figured I would make each one as cute as I could.  The crushed velvet really wasn't working for me!

One down, one to go.

At first, my thought was bright teal paint and super cute floral fabric!!
My second thought was, how the heck are ya gonna sell a bright teal chair??
My third thought sided with my first thought and I debated for quite awhile.
I compromised and decided one would be wild and one would be classic.

I bought really pretty (really expensive) ruffle trim at Joann's and glued that along the edges to finish it off.  Very elegant ;)
I know it's only one chair instead of a set, but I look at it as a one-of-a-kind chair.  You won't find another one like it anywhere, and it can hold it's own in any room without looking out of place or lonely.

Stay tuned for the sequel on numero dos....

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