Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Grandma Goes Modern

A friend of mine (we'll call her Maggie...because that's her name) had a cute little chair and matching ottoman that was her grandmother's.  When she showed it to me in all its flowery splendor, I fell in love with it instantly!  It was like a tiny version of a grown-up chair (seriously, it only came up to my waist).  It was old and the fabric was threadbare, faded, and ripped just by looking at it.  But it was solid and the cushions were other words, it needed my help.

So I stripped it!

Who even knew it had legs under that ruffle??

Ideally, I had hoped the fabric would come off in sections so that I could measure and label and determine how it all went back together.  Unfortunately, the old fabric was so threadbare that it literally ripped much for measuring!!

I added some extra cush to the cushion just to fill it out more.  I think I used approx. a box and a half of staples just on this one project! (definitely caused me to seriously consider purchasing an air compressed stapler in the very near future).

So here she sits, matching ottoman and all.  I was lucky that I told Maggie to add a couple extra yards to her fabric order when she picked it out.  I used every last bit of 10 yards!! I swear I didn't waste any or mess up just really takes that much!

Sexy backside

*Note my pretty little pleating on the arms :)

Overall, it was a successful venture for me and the chair.  And Maggie was an excellent client who was very generous.  I look forward to many future furniture adventures with you!! :)


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