Wednesday, September 29, 2010

J. Paris's officially almost official!

If you followed on my blog, then you know I want to do this thing, like for real.  I would love nothing more than to sell my stuff to people who can appreciate (and even if they can't, those who can pay) the quality, love, and labor that I put into each and every project I come up with.  I'm passionate about making my four years of college actually worth something (and proving to my dad that his money wasn't entirely wasted) by actually having a career in the field I studied in.  So, enough rambling, I started a semi-business.

Kudos and thanks to my excellent graphic designer Jon for creating such an incredibly stellar logo!!

It's a side-gig, something I do in the evenings and on the weekends.  I have sold some stuff and had some other stuff ordered.  It's coming in slowly, but it's actually kinda working!  I got business cards printed up and plan on giving them out like candy.  I can't quit my day job yet (sad face), but it keeps me sane since I sit behind a computer all day at work.

Anyways, check out my facebook page at and keep your fingers crossed for me, ok??

Until next time...... :)

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