Thursday, March 31, 2011

Collector's Paradise

From a very young age, my parents were well aware of the fact that I was a packrat.  It was in my genes, afterall.  Growing up (and to this day) my dad had a 3 car garage that no one ever parked their car in.  I loved it! Everytime I went in there, I saw something different.  Even now, as a grown adult, I stop in the garage each time I come over just to see what's new.

His dad never threw anything away, he never threw anything away, and I never threw anything away.  Every nook and cranny of my childhood bedroom was crammed with some "important" item that I swore I would use again someday.  Now don't get me wrong...our house wasn't worthy of an episode of Hoarders or anything.  We just liked to collect stuff.

With that being said, I have successfully acquired quite the collection of collections in my relatively short lifetime thus far.  Each one is special, each one is important, and each one has a story.  I get a thrill when I add a new piece or when I find the perfect piece I've been searching for.  And new collections branch off all the time.

Anyone have a collection(s) they are particularly proud of?  Or just love to talk about?  That's the thing for me - they become a conversation piece when displayed on a shelf or in a little nook somewhere in the house.

I found a website today where a woman posted a picture of a different collection she had every day for an entire year!  That is insane!! (although, if I thought about it enough, I could probably almost match her!)

So tell me about a collection you have, or one you want to start.  It can be as little or as big as you want.  I'd love to hear about it - even send me a pic.  I'll post some of my favorites for you :)

vintage coffee cups

vintage thread spools

cobalt wine bottles

random coffee cups from vacations and trips

Coca-Cola memorabilia

shot glasses from places I've been (and then some)

vintage cream and sugar dishes

old and new teacups - by far my biggest collection (I have over 50! not all of them are even up yet!)

model cars - can't take credit though - these are Dan's :)

vintage perfume bottles and candy dish in the hob-knob style

vintage suitcases and steamer trunks

skeleton keys

hat boxes

probably my favorite - Eiffel Tower statues :)


  1. NHL team t-shirts from home-team arenas I've been to... Buffalo, Boston, Detroit, Pittsburgh, (and next Saturday) Columbus!


  2. Here's one for you Jess, 37 fishing rods. The oldest is a late 1940's surf rod. The newest is Em's 9'6" 8wt. St.Croix fly rod and Cabellas premier reel combo. The most valuable ia a 4 Brothers five sided split bamboo fly rod. My most memorable are two Plfueger bait casting combos that my grandmother gave me when I was about nine or ten years old. At the time she worked at a Pflueger factory in Akron.
    Next week I will be looking at a tackle collection that belonged to a long time friend of mine that passed away a few years ago. He was a charter capt. on lake Erie for years. Whatever I pick up there will be special knowing they belonged to him.
    p.s. In my defense I have managed to find some room in my garage to park a few cars;)



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