Sunday, March 27, 2011

Anthropologie = Love

If you have never been to an Anthropologie store, I suggest you do some mapquesting and find your local branch.  Or just google the heck outta "Anthropologie window displays" and you will see why.  Now, the clothes and home decor is waaaaaaay outta my price range, but it is definitely worth checking out in person.  The piece de resistance of the entire store are the windows.  I'm not sure how often they change them out, but they have an entire team of people who's only job is to spend ALL day creating these incredibly unique displays.
I mean, these are BOOKS for crying out loud.  I've done this bookfolding technique before, and let me tell you, it took me two hours to fold just ONE!
More books!
Balloon Animals - I mean, come on!
I'm not even sure what this is exactly, but it is definitely one of my all time favorites!

Now, I could go on forever and ever posting pics of these fantastic windows - or you can google like I previously suggested.  But my point of this post is that one of my new tasks at my new job is to decorate.  I was given complete artistic liberties to come up with something to decorate a 20 ft long by 4 ft high space above some shelving in the showroom.

Here is my inspiration:

Made entirely of coffee filters.  I spent all of my Saturday shift (and most of my Saturday evening) making hundreds of coffee filter flowers.  Of course, my designs are usually better in theory than in actuality, so we will see how the installation goes.  But stay tuned for updates of how I implement coffee filters into a carpet store display :)

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  1. Check out "Man Shops Globe" TV show. Follows the main buyer for Anthroplogie. - Bob Welch


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