Sunday, March 27, 2011

New Look, Same Great Taste

Since I am no longer renting in Kent, I felt an update was appropriate - refresh, renew, rename.

Plus, I feel like my brain is overwhelmed with these awesome and awe-inspiring ideas on a daily basis and I just don't have anywhere to release it all.  So instead of just "finished" products as they slowly occur, I thought I would get into the habit of posting inspirational pictures and ideas that I find too good to pass up.  It is just as valuable to me as it is to all of you - it gives me a virtual catalogue (besides bookmarking everything I like) to keep all of my design desires in one place.  Plus it provides a portal for you to be able to feel the love on all of the nifty and funky designs I come across.  So please peruse and enjoy :)  Happy Designing!

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