Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Greentastic Window Treatments

Ever since I was a kid, I had a thing for sewing.  And that was the sewing you had to work at on a machine older than I was.  It wasn't a self-threader, there wasn't a handy foot pedal (more like a lap paddle that hung under the table), and it couldn't be picked up and moved from room to room.  It was my mother's, and it was OLD.  Nevertheless, she taught me to sew on it.  I dabbled in my own clothing line at the ripe age of 12 and I made bag upon lopsided bag.  As I grew up, I moved on to smaller home dec projects, like pillow covers, curtain valances, and even a failed attempt at a comforter.  And that made me think I was a professional seamstress.  I even put "Window Treatments" on my J. Paris Designs business cards.  Silly girl....

So when a woman I used to work with mentioned her living room remodel was complete with the exception of window treatments, I jumped up shouting "ME ME ME!" (I should have sat in my seat like a good little girl).  I met with her and her roommate, I went back and forth to the fabric store to select swatches for them to approve of, I showed them books of different window treatment styles, and I gave them an overall price for my labor (this is the fun part FYI).  Then I said I would call them in a month.  And BOY did it take me every last second of that month to get those curtains done.  NINE of them....NINE full curtain panels complete with lining and tabs.  Plus, I am terrible at calculations and measurements (nevermind that I make my living measuring floors for carpet and tile).  So I ended up traveling to 3 different fabrics stores on several different occasions to get more of the fabric I needed.

Why do I get myself into these messes??

Oh, I know why....because I rocked it :)

There were 2 picture windows that required 3 panels each

And there were 3 windows with a single panel

I think they look great (small, non-conceded pat on my back) and they were very pleased with the finished result. 

I complained, I whined, I might have let a few select words slip out, but overall, it was a success.

P.S.  That's not to say I will keep "Window Treatments" on my next set of business cards!

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