Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Knock, Knock....Who's There?....Crazy Color, that's who!

So I painted the front door...orange.  Yes, Orange.  Supposed to be "burnt orange" in my defense, but orange nonetheless.  I'm pretty crazy about it, too.  Not crazy enough to post a pic yet (those are coming soon enough), or maybe just crazy.  The only downside is that the screen storm door in front of it is kinda hiding the whole overall orange-y effect.  Maybe paint the screen door casing too?? Decisions, decisions.

Anyways, there's the shutters.  Two windows in the front, two windows in the back, eight shutters total.  Orange.  Yep, the same orange as the door that is somewhat hidden behind the screen door.  Well guess what people....these shutters aren't hidden...at all.  They are out there, in the open, for the entire 8th Street to see. 

People driving by are gonna think I'm nuts.

Yea, I get that alot.  Dan likes them though --- pause for *gasps* heard round the world --- but he is looking at them from the garage floor as they wait to dry  (he painted them, by the way...little shout out to his mad brush skills!).

When we visited family in beautiful Marblehead, Massachusetts last summer, every door on his aunt and uncle's street was painted a different color.  Theirs was purple! Purple, I say!  And it worked.

I'm convincing myself that we (Dan & I) can be as upandcoming as those Marbleheadians are.  So what if our house is light blue with an orange door and shutters??  We are stylish people...we deserve to welcome people (or blind them with brightness) with stylish curb appeal.

Help me out here....these look great right???

yepp, that's the orange :)


  1. Go for it Jessica - with love from your interesting family in Marblehead!

  2. Go for it Jessica - so great! With love from your family in Marblehead

  3. I like colored doors. We have a red door and mima and papa have a neon green door!


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