Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Holy Shutters!

Yea, I said it.  Prepare yourself....sunglasses anyone??



Ok, so I may be exaggerating a wee little.  Maybe it's just such a drastic change that I need to get used to it.  Or maybe I'm just insecure about the fact that my obsession with color is now displayed on the exterior of my home rather than on the inside where every room is a different color and only visible to the people I choose to invite inside.

Either way....

Here's the door...see what I mean about the screen door blocking the view??  Pretty tempted to just paint the flashing and screen door orange as well.  Go big, or go home right?

I think they were just waaay too intimidating on the garage floor, lying there all Home Depot orange-y and all.

My kickass new house numbers that I made in pottery.  Slightly lopsided, crooked, mishaped, etc....but totally original and actually compliment the orange.

Well,  any thoughts on the color?? 

P.S.  the new neighbor across the street is a painter by profession - he said he could totally paint the house in the spring!!

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