Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Mantel Up

Who doesn't LOVE Halloween?? No really, is there anyone?? I dare you to admit it if you don't.  You would think that after the past 11 months of planning a Halloween inspired wedding, I would be downright sick of looking at anything regarding the hallowed (haha pun intended) holiday.  


I live for this time of year.  The chilly air, the cute fall jackets and scarves and boots (not winter ones yet - let's not get carried away).  And the decorations.
As I was perusing the internet for ideas to decorate my store window for the festive occasion, I ran across these awesome ideas to decorate a fireplace mantel.

 Like this one from Good Housekeeping

 Loving these freakishly adorable skeleton pumpkins
The chain is a bit much, but love the black and white

 The orange lights are my favorite here....I happen to have an electrical outlet on my mantle = perfect!

 Is that spiderweb lace???

How simple and sweet is this?

I know this isn't the mantel, but great idea anyways!  Especially for a nonworking fireplace that just sits useless.

Everything pumpkin.

These guys are so cute it hurts!

Well, there ya have it.  My gears are turning to decorate my own mantel/house for the upcoming holiday.  I just need to dig out the box(s) that house all of my Halloween decorations and get to work.  I think it's early enough, right??

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