Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Please Respond By.....

I'm keeping (or trying to keep) the majority of my wedding plans/decorations/ideas a secret.  Except for my maid and matron of honor, my mom, and a few others, I wanted everyone to be surprised when they walked into the reception.  Afterall, I put a ton of work and heart and brainpower into all of it.  But I figured, since the invitations are already out, I would share with you what they looked like.

Let me start by saying, my future-brother-in-law is the awesome graphic designer behind them.  Not to sell myself short, I did give him a rendition/pencil drawing of what I wanted and he went from there.  There were several mini-redos I had him fix, but overall, the original design remained.  Mainly, I was just being a pain-in-the-butt about wording and spacing and crap.

He perfected it to my exact specifications.  I didn't want it all mushy and traditional and formal.  I wanted it to be us.  And it was.  
 The reception card was just a snippet of the original design only in smaller form.  The wording was lighthearted and fun....just like the overall feel our wedding is going to be.

 Nothing says "informal" quite like our RSVP cards.

Overall, we had really nice responses from everyone about how great they turned out.  I'm pretty proud of them and confident they won't be forgotten for awhile.

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