Sunday, September 11, 2011

Oh, Halloween!

It's here!! Halloween Season has arrived!!

I'm as excited as a kid at Christmas!

Given our upcoming nuptuals occuring smack dab in the middle of Halloweentime, I had no choice but to put up decorations this weekend.  We are busy for the rest of this month and then the wedding/honeymoon cuts into the first half of October.  So today was THE day :)

I have all of my Halloween decorations (and Christmas, Easter, Valentines Day, and all other holidays) stored in old trunks.  There's also the occasional plastic bin stashed in the crawlspace upstairs.  Every year when I open them up, it's like Christmas morning - mainly because I have SO much that I forget what I put up last year!

So I started with the mantel.  The focal point of our tiny little living room....
Yea, so there's a lot going on...

Let's focus in on....
Wine bottles that I filled with paint (and then poured out) after affixing cool stickers to each one.  Believe or not, I bought the "liquid poison" labels at the dollar store a couple of years ago.

Zombie Virus, anyone??

Little bottles I picked up here and there and decorated with Heebie Jeebies, Hooky Spookies, etc.

I collected random food jars (salsa, pickles, pizza sauce, etc) and painted them with funny pumpkin faces.

I love this shot of a pumpkin jingle bell :)

My next spot is the picture shelf above our TV.  Usually holding a collection of random artwork, I took that down and filled it with Hallow-goodness...

One side of the shelf holds our newly framed wedding invitation (thought it was fitting for the season) as well as a wooden witch my mom made.

This cute little wooden witch is one I made a couple years ago...

Next is the awesome orange door decor...
Wreath works perfect, right??

My homemade advent calendar.  I painstakingly made all 31 of the dates.  But I like it so much, I hate to only put one up a day.  So I keep all of them up all month :)  They are all magents stuck to a cookie sheet.

Haha, saw this in a magazine once, so I made one for myself!

Saw this at a craft show and came home and made one.  The legs are modeling clay that I molded, baked, then painted.

Little spot on the endtable

On the entertainment stand....Dan's ceramic pumpkin from when he was a kid :)

I even found a spot on the glass shelf in the bathroom.  Every room needs a little Hallow-love.

So there ya have it!

The house is Halloween-ified and feeling pretty awesome!
So who's with you have your stuff up yet??



  2. I've got to admit -- the fireplace mantle looks pretty cool!

  3. I freaking love it!! You're so talented!! :)


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