Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Dresser Gods Are Smiling Down

Boy, oh boy, oh boy!

Do I have great luck, or what??!

It started out like any other Wednesday evening.  Went to weekly pottery class, made some awesome stuff (post on that up next!) and was driving home when, what to my surprise, I see not ONE but TWO dressers sitting out by the side of the road.


Alas, though, I was in the Bug....cuter than the dickens, but just not suitable for dresser stashing.  So I rushed to the store to by milk (the errand I was running when said dressers were spotted) and came in the house shouting "I found dressers by the side of the road. Let's GO!"

God bless him, he tries to put on a good face, but deep down inside he sees himself on an episode of Hoarders one day.

Anywho...there was only one that I really wanted, so we get in the truck, drive to the house, load 'er up, and head on home.

Note: Not only do I bring a flashlight with me, but I hustle around like someone is going to come up and try to steal it from me if I don't hurry up and get it in the truck.  Also, I feel somewhat dangerous - like a thief in the night or something :)

It's as we are putting it in the garage that I realize we grabbed the drawers for the OTHER dresser....drat.

So back in the truck I go (and to the curb the other drawers go - though I SO wish I had a use for them!) and load up the actual drawers.

Now this is the exciting part......

Someone put all the drawer knobs in a plastic bag for me!  They knew I was coming :)

And wait....there's more!
Aside from a good sanding (I honestly don't mind the glass ring on the top) it's already stripped.


It's like the dresser gods were smiling down saying "If you put it by the side of the road, she will come."  Such nice people to get it all ready for me to come in and make it spectacular.

Wait, you want to see the actual dresser??  Good call......

Oh, yeah!


  1. Good Lord do you remind me of someone I know, like the time we stuffed that sewing machine and cabinet from the side of the road into the back seat of her G6.She was the same way, in a big hurry, looking around like we were stealing it. The only difference was that she didn't want to waste time getting the truck in case someone else would come by and get it while we were gone. Dan,I'm sorry but this will never end:)It's in the genes

  2. haha I was looking at the house like the owners were going to come out and yell at me! and I, too, was worried that my milk errand would cost me because someone else might come by and take it!!

  3. Everytime we see furniture on the side of the road, we think of you. Good thing we don't live close cause your garage would be full of stuff we picked up for you!!! Love the dresser.

  4. my garage (and basement) already IS full of stuff! haha


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