Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Pot Luck

I've been potting for over 6 months now - on the wheel for at least 4.  I'm getting better ;)

If you remember this post, about my last crew of pottery, you will remember that they were cool, but could be cooler.

And so I give first batch of really cool handthrown pots:

Of course, the pictures won't do them justice, but this one is a beautiful teal blue/green one.

This one is a dark brown/black metallic finish - one of my fave glaze results yet!  Just look at that profile....perfection! haha

The glaze got a little thick on this one - if you look close at the inside of it, you can see glaze bubbles. Also, it decided to "poop" a little bit on the bottom, making it slightly uneven when it sits on a table.  No biggie though.

This was a request from a friend for a "knitting bowl".  I had seen a ton of people making them in class, but never tried it myself.  Basically, it's a regular thrown bowl, but you cut a hole or slit in it for the yarn to go through.  That's what the "J" shaped part is.  The two holes to the left of that are for the knitting needles to rest in :)

I wasn't super excited with the glaze effect on this one, but I can admire my pimp throwing skills though!

Currently taking orders because I literally have ZERO space left for any myself!!

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