Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Auto Cad Crazy

This spring marks the 4 year mark since I took an Auto Cad course in college.  That is frightening to me for two reasons.  1) I agreed to do a drawing for a client having not looked at Auto Cad in that long, and 2) I've been out of college for almost 4 years (!!).  But I rocked it then and I rocked it now ;)

If you aren't aware, Auto Cad is very, very, (emphasis on the very) very expensive.  Lucky for me, I know a devilishly handsome (and slightly anal) engineer who has it on his work laptop which he graciously brought home for me to use. (Only after I called slightly panicked saying "I promised him a drawing and I don't even own the program!!")

Well, I did it.

And only after just a few expletives escaped my lips.  And a refresher course from Dan the Man.  And a couple palm to face actions.  I am happy to report that my client will be receiving a pamphlet courtesy of J. Paris Designs that will include the plot plan (overall floor plan of the room as seen from "above") and two elevations (the front view of two separate walls) along with a couple photos of different ideas he can incorporate into the design when he takes it to his contractor/cabinet maker man.

I leave you now to bask in the glory of my awesome drawings.  Go ahead....bask away :)

Plot Plan                                                                                                                     

Elevation 1
Elevation 2

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