Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Resolving to Tackle My Resolutions

I never was one for a New Year Resolution. Other than "trying to excercise" or "eating less junk food" - which barely lasted until the end of January. But this year I plan to actually set one and achieve it.

I have SOOO many unfinished/barely started projects consuming my house/basement/studio/brain that it is borderline ridiculous. Some are relatively small, like trying to fix the broken leg on the coffee table. You'd think I would get on that pretty quick considering every time I put my feet on it it creaks and wobbles, threatening to spill my wine all over the new carpet! Some are bigger, like the kitchen remodel we are currently planning - to be tackled in the next month or so.

And then there are all the other in-betweeners that I will list now - mainly for myself to keep track but also for you to hold me accountable for my procrastination.

1. Revamp the dresser I found by the side of the road a couple weeks ago - seen here
2. Work on the nightstand for Dan's side of the bed that I picked up at a garage sale over the summer. I don't feel like stripping it but the white paint is too stark. Applying a wash of stain over top might just do the trick. Plus it matches mine from this post!
3. Finally get to work on the two wooden chairs Dan's grandmother sent home with me, oooh, a year ago maybe?? Yea, I haven't forgotten, Mima!
4. Fix up the other wicker-backed chair from garbage night that matches this one

5. Paint/attach paper to the stairs leading up to our bedroom. The staircase isn't open or lit very well, so it appears rather dungeon-ness when looking up it from the living room. I used these as inspirations:

6.  Paint the windows in the kitchen.  They are a hideous shade of cream that goes terribly with the otherwise white trim in the room.

   7. Remodel the kitchen!  New countertops, sink, faucet, tiled backsplash, stove hood, and cabinet paint.  

   8. Reorganize my studio - I've been rather sloppy these past couple of months, not wanting to put away

     my toys when I'm done with them.

Anyone else have New Year Resolutions that you intend to put off  get focused on as soon as possible??

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