Sunday, March 11, 2012

The Free (not really) Sewing Machine

While antiquing with Dan and my father-in-law in Brockport, New York during Christmastime, we came across this sewing machine for sale.

I've always wanted one.  My mom has an old one that sits at the top of the stairs with a little lamp on it.  I love it.  But they are always so darn expensive.  This one was only $60.  And in excellent condition.  While roaming the shop, I stopped by it at least 5 times, checking it out and pretending like I wasn't too interested every time Dan looked my way.  I could tell what he was thinking  - and he could probably see right past my pretending - "Oh jeeze, she's looking at it, please don't want it, please don't make me load it into my truck and cart it all the way back to Ohio, please don't add another piece of furniture to our full house."  Yeah, he gets me.

It was manufactured by The Free Sewing Machine Company and circa 1920s, according the the shopkeeper that I casually asked.  She said the reason it was so inexpensive is because she wanted it to sell.  Funny thing....I wanted to buy it!  But alas, we left the store empty handed.

That is until my Father-in-law said, as we were pulling out of town "If you want something and you really like it, you should get it.  You can always find room for it later!"  That was all it took.  Well, that and a pouty face in Dan's general direction.  We turned back around and bought the thing!

It came with complete instructions, all of the tools, and by gosh it works!  Not that I would use it, given that I have a perfectly good modern sewing machine in my studio.  It's just really cool to look at!

The top flap lifts up and folds over and the machine raises up.

The intricate painting is still in near perfect condition.  The little box came with all the presser foots, bobbins, and tools needed for servicing the machine. 
An excellent find in my book.  I think Dan cursed his dad the whole way home for opening his mouth.  Oh well, it worked in my favor :)


  1. Looks like it has been through a total restoration! The detail on it is amazing... good find!


  2. I have to admit, it is pretty cool looking.... Even if it does now reside in "my" office


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