Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Front Door Decor

I opened all the windows and doors today to let in the sun and let out the stale air that winter leaves behind.  Once the door was opened, I realized it was empty.  We just can't have that.  In my crazy Sunday cleaning this past weekend, I took down the oversized popsicle stick snowflake I made without snapping a picture for you.  But now I was staring at a blank canvas.

Fueled by sunshine and coffee, I decided to spend my morning coming up with a Spring themed door wreath.  The space between the storm door and main door is not very big, so whatever goes up can't be too thick or stick out too far.  I rummaged around my studio, looking for something I could whip together.

Note:  Yes, I have enough craft/junk stuff stashed down there that I can easily "whip together" something on a whim.  I'm a packrat, what can I say?

What did I find?  A garbage bag full of clothespins, a wire wreath form, and some colored ribbon. 

I arranged approximately 75-80 clothespins in an alternating pattern around the wire wreath frame.

Here is the fully filled wreath form.

They didn't want to stay very well, so I used the curling ribbon to secure them together. I considered hot glueing them to one another, but didn't want to deal with the mess. So weaving the ribbon in and out, it held the clothespins snug against each other.  And yes, those are my pink flannel pajama pants in that shot.  I do my best work in my pj's.

I fashioned a bow out of green mesh ribbon I had left over from the wedding, hung it on the door, and voila!
The yellow, orange, and green ribbon not only matches the door, but it's spring-y enough to last through May.  A succesful early morning project :)

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