Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Tour Eiffel

After my morning run on door decor, I decided to continue on with small craft projects on the back patio where the sun was still streaming through the leafless trees. 

Back in October, when Dan and I went to Paris for our honeymoon, we took a gazillion pictures of the Eiffel Tower.  After spending your entire life dreaming of it, it was hard not to snap as many as you possibly could every time we passed by....which was a lot.

So for this project, we have to backtrack a few summers to Boston, Massachusetts, home of the Boston Red Sox and Fenway Park.  We were visiting family for a week and got tickets to a Red Sox game...Dan's dream.  Long story short, he took several shots of the stadium from our third baseline seats.  Starting at the left with the Green Monster, moving right.  Kinda like a homemade panoramic.  We printed them out and arranged them, overlapping, to form a long panoramic of the whole stadium just as we had seen it in person.  Pretty cool.

Fast forward to Paris in October with a gazillion shots of Eiffel.  Dan decided to do the same thing.  Not that we don't have a million full shots of the tower, but it was cooler this way.  He started at the bottom left and just kept moving the camera ever so slightly back and forth til he got to the top.

I finally got around to printing them out in black and white and used spray adhesive to attach them to pieces of black foamcore board I had.

After several tries, I found a good arrangement.  Most of them overlapped each other and repeated the same spot, but I found a way.

It's a little distorted and kinda out of whack, but I really really like it!  Just adds to the other zillion pictures of the Eiffel Tower that we have.


  1. Very cool!

    You should post a pic of the Fenway Park panorama too---

  2. That is awesome!! Being in the sign business has increased my appreciation for 3D/layered displays... 2D gets boring after awhile


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